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The growth and continued success of your online business is my topmost priority, and first and foremost, that means building and maintaining the systems and team that you need so that you can work in your specific zone of genius.

I'm happiest when I'm in project and operations management mode. The logistics in getting a project from "twinkle in your eye" idea through to execution drives me. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and fight fires (in fact, I expect it), but for the long-term health of your business, my focus is to prevent fires so that we can funnel our collective energy to the growth and continued success.

My Number 1 Focus: Stuff Gets Done!

While I am generally not in the task execution role, my strong technical background allows me to efficiently plan, manage and direct your team to handle their assigned tasks with clarity and confidence in the defined process.

You are freed from the day to day operations of the business, including the management of your team. You can focus your time and energy on the parts of the business that need you and only you: Big Picture Planning and Mapping, including Marketing, Targets, Goals; Content/Program Development; Program/Coaching Delivery; Relationship Management and Procurement; Speaking and Connecting with your ideal prospects.

I understand and have in-depth working experience with a broad selection of Shopping Carts, Project Management, Social Media and Email Management Systems. Some examples: Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber, WordPress, TeamWorkLive, TeamWorkPM, Basecamp, Hootsuite.

Of note, I have completed beginner and advanced level training in Infusionsoft and have been working with Infusionsoft for 2 years. I've completed Infusionsoft set-up and transition projects and love using the Campaign Builder to manage the marketing funnel and sales process.

As the team and project leader, I work with you in the following areas:

Business Operations

Review and/or setup of Key Systems including:

  • Marketing systems - shopping carts, sales pages
  • Client Support Systems
  • Delivery Systems
  • Backup Systems
  • Project Management Systems
  • Metrics - setup/review, ongoing preparation & analysis

Day to Day Operations:

  • Continuous revenue streams, i.e.: Membership sites, coaching programs, etc
  • Affiliate & JV Management
  • Customer Service
  • Website Management – ongoing maintenance and/or new site creation

Project Management

  • Creating New Revenue Streams
  • Membership Programs
  • Events (online or live)
  • Coaching/High-end Programs
  • Product Launches - launch plan, execution


  • Determining team needs
  • Assessment and review of current team, team revisions as needed
  • Task Management (project management)
  • Review and/or setup of Standard Operating and Procedures Guide

Where I Stand Out

Many VAs and OBMs operate their business on a "Multi-VA" model (contracting their own team of VAs, designers and other professionals for project tasks). They provide a "one-stop-shop" as an option for business owners to get all of their support needs met in one place.

I operate my business differently - Solo Solutions is not an agency.

I work with you inside your business as a long term strategic partner.

I'm not building a legacy business for passive revenue streams, nor am I delivering coaching or training programs. I am an online business manager, period.

While I do have a small team of Virtual Assistants working with me in my own business, I work with your team of contractors, or when needed, help you build your support team. We work together first to assess and define the roles required to support your business (now and as it grows), and then we start to source contractors to fill those roles.

I choose to work with a very small number of clients at any given time (3 maximum) so that I have the focus and concentration needed for each client. I immerse myself in your business, working directly with you and your team (or helping you get one into place) for the success of your business.

When we first start working together, one of our first steps is to develop (or review) the systems and processes in your business. Clearly defined and documented systems are essential! They allow us to maximize the efficiency and organization of all the moving parts of the business operations and set you up better for the long term growth and longevity of your online business.

My Clients

Not every person, nor every business, is always a match for my services and support. While there are a number of factors that affect fit, personality and ease of communication between myself and you, as the business owner, are major factors. To ensure a successful fit, I offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your business needs and goals as an initial "get to know you" session.

Here's a selection of what clients have to say about our work together.

Want to chat?  Email me!

Then, if we decide to start working together, we begin on a "Trial Basis" based on an hourly rate for the first 90 days. This means neither of us is locked in to a contract until we've gotten a chance to get to know one another and are sure we want to commit to a longer working relationship.

After that point, we work together to develop a compensation plan - often a monthly flat fee + incentive compensation. This allows us to work free from the confines of the time for money model, which can actually restrict growth and motivation!