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Crystal Coleman

A Professional Glimpse

I'm a self-proclaimed techie geek. My clients describe me as an operations whiz. I'm excited by systems and processes, which tends to be a gap for most entrepreneurs.

I love getting an idea from concept stage through to execution; when a client is describing their plan or goal, I'm thinking through the logistics of how to get it done.

The success of my clients' business drives me; my ultimate reward is when a client is able to successfully launch a product or deliver a program with polish, looks like a rock star, then still has drive and energy to not only deliver with gusto, but has the bandwidth to work on other parts of the business that requires their unique set of vision and expertise.

As a Certified Online Business Manager, I work with my clients and their teams on a one-to-one basis, focusing on support for six-figure online entrepreneurs: Business Coaches & Trainers, Marketers and Thought Leaders.

Many VAs and OBMs operate their businesses on a "Multi-VA" model (contracting their own team of VAs, designers and other professionals for project tasks). I operate differently - Solo Solutions is not an agency.

I choose to work with a very small number of clients at any given time (3 maximum) so that I have the focus and concentration needed for each client. I immerse myself in your business, working directly with you and your team (or helping you get one into place) for the success of your business.

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A Personal Glimpse

Certified OBMI have been working online since the spring of 2009, first working as a Virtual Assistant, then transitioning to Online Business Management in 2010 when I discovered my passion for that segment of the online support field. I invested in the Online Business Manager training program (with Tina Forsyth) in March 2011 and was granted the certification status that November.

Confession - I was a Terrible Employee

I left my very comfortable government office job in late 2008 as part of a lifestyle change for my entire family, which coincided with a move to a more rural location (in Alberta, Canada) to support my husband's career change. This provided a perfect transition point for my own career, and allowed me to pursue my life-long entrepreneurial ambitions.

I was the kid with the lemonade stand

My motivations were based on gaining more freedom in how and when I worked, as well as opening up new horizons that simply were unavailable to me in our small, remote community. Our oldest child required weekly and monthly specialist appointments that made it difficult to perform well at my job, while our youngest was pre-school aged and needed and deserved more of my attention.

Now, several years later, we are a happily adjusted family of four! Well, not counting our numerous pets, ranging from cats and dogs, to geckos, goats, and horses.

I'm a Nature Gal

When I'm not in my office, my friends and family are sure to find me outdoors in my garden, chasing butterflies (literally, I'm a hobby lepidopertist), camping, or riding & training one of our horses.

In my "spare time", my children and I make all-natural bath and body products. Together, we created 2soapykids, a business originated from a need to control the ingredients in their shampoos and soaps to manage their Celiac Disease; which is managed through living a 100% gluten-free lifestyle.

I share my life with a remarkable man that I'm proud to call my husband, and our two beautiful children aged 10 and 7.

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