10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Published on July 17, 2013

I'm a virtual girl living in a virtual world.  Getting to know me beyond my profile picture is a challenge, so I thought I'd share some fun things about me to help change that.


  1. I'm a night owl - I "wake up" at 10pm at night.  I go through phases of trying to change this so that I can be a more productive morning and day person, but when my schedule allows, I slip back into my night-owlish ways.
  2. I'm a terrible lady - I was a tomboy growing up, and now I live as au naturelle as possible (with clothes).  I didn't even own a hairblower until I was in my early twenties.  I have my own simple style, and I embrace who I am, but don't ask me to join in on a conversation about gel nails or extensions - I have nothing to add.
  3. I am mildly misophonic - I had to remove the battery from our kitchen clock because the ticking noise that I heard while in the general vicinity caused visions of violent clock smashing.
  4. My children and I run a business together We make handcrafted, all natural soap and body products. We sell our creations at local Farmer's Markets.
  5. My family is very small: I am the eldest of two children. I have a grand total of 9 cousins. Three of which are female. Thankfully, my husband's family more than makes up for it!
  6. I believe in faeries. And nymphs.  And maybe aliens.
  7. I thought I'd be an adult and have it all figured out by the time I was 30.  I was wrong.
  8. I was the first girl in 6 generations born on my father's side of the family.
  9. I can do weird things with my fingers and toes.  My children think it's amazing.  My mother does not.
  10. I am most at peace when I am barefoot and outside. Doing anything.
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