I’m Officially Certified! (Online Business Manager)

Published on December 16, 2012

Certified OBMAs of December 16th, 2012, I can officially claim my new title as a Certified Online Business Manager!

While I completed the training in May, I chose to wait until November to tackle the arduous Certification Week.

What does it mean to be a Certified Online Business Manager?

This certification represents a commitment I've made to myself to continually invest in myself and my business so that I can better serve my clients' needs. I've officially moved away from the traditional VA model and am now working with my clients in the capacity of Business/Operations Manager.

Thank-you to Tina Forsyth and her amazing team at International Association of Online Business Managers for an incredible training program!

And of course, my continued success is not possible without amazing clients like Ed Gandia, Pete Savage and Lara Gallloway!

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